Outsourcing Call Center

Handling calls and making sales for your business

Our goal is to interest the client in your product and arrange a meeting (call).

Developing a target base for calls

Create selling scripts

Calling companies

Providing statistics on the project

Instant transfer of applications

Record, listen and download all conversations

Modern reporting

Quality and result guarantee


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What tasks can we solve for your company

Cold phone sales

Attracting the right number of people to webinars, seminars, trainings, courses, conferences

Processing of incoming leads

Informing or directly selling your company's product

Appointment of meetings

Appointments with warm clients - you only need to meet and discuss the details of the transaction

Search for partners

Search for partners, suppliers, and investors for business

Any call center project is individual and depends on the type of calls (sales, surveys, incoming calls, technical support), volume, time, geography of calls, the specifics of your product, the depth of consultation, the complexity of the questionnaire, sales mechanisms, etc. You can find general information about all services on the website, but it's better to call us or leave a request.

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