Subscription server maintenance

Server hardware is considered to be a key element of the IT infrastructure of any enterprise and organization. For efficient and long-term operation, the equipment requires professional setup and maintenance. These works require theoretical knowledge and practical skills, so it is better to entrust them to competent specialists. IT-911 provides a service of subscriber maintenance of servers in Kharkiv and other cities of Ukraine.

Prompt troubleshooting

Consultations and practical assistance from professionals on complex issues

Obtaining a guarantee for the work performed

Loading a specialist only when needed

Reducing salary costs, tax deductions, workplace arrangement

Ensuring server uptime

In the process of servicing and repairing computer and office equipment, we use high-quality components and consumables that have been tested in practice.

Professional server support services

Full range of services

From buying to setting up and running servers

Customize your work

Installation of the necessary software, configuration and optimization of servers

Setting up cloud servers

Installing and configuring the necessary software for VPS operation


Installation of server monitoring systems for rapid response

Who should use the service of computer maintenance and setup

Contacting IT-911 specialists is advisable in the following cases:

problems that periodically arise in the operation of servers and databases;

the need to select and customize software;

the need to purchase and connect additional devices, expand memory capacity, and transfer;

software failure;

ensuring data security;

the need to modernize and upgrade the already installed software.

Possible schemes of work

Regular visits. A plan is drawn up with the client for regular visits to a specialist to identify and eliminate problems

Remote administration with on-site visits on demand.

Advantages of cooperation with IT-911

Constant communication, which will allow you to contact a specialist at the first sign of a malfunction

Continuous monitoring of equipment serviceability

Development of turnkey solutions for upgrading, replacing and modernizing servers

Responsibility for decisions made and the quality of services provided

Security of computer equipment and entrusted information

How to use the services offered

We accept requests from potential clients:

Each client signs an agreement with us that specifies the package of services selected, as well as the rights and obligations of the parties. An important condition is a detailed agreement on the main points, which will help to avoid misunderstandings in the course of future cooperation and settle disputes.

preliminary audit

During the audit:
- determine the current state of the server,
- get acquainted with the amount of data and tasks that need to be solved,
- determine the need to install/connect additional software,
- calculate the required time and cost of our services.

Enter your short details in the form

***Note: The offer is limited in the number of test periods

Price for server maintenance

The price of services is calculated based on the actual time spent and amounts to 250 UAH/hour. You can clarify other interesting aspects of cooperation with a representative of the company.

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