IP telephony

In an effort to increase the reach of their target audience, businesses often forget about the need to establish effective two-way communication with new branches and future customers. In a fiercely competitive environment, such a mistake is unacceptable: a buyer or customer who fails to quickly contact the office will quickly find a similar offer from a more responsible supplier. And the prompt resolution of issues within the company may be jeopardized due to the heavy load on the standard telephone line.

The solution to the problem is offered by IP telephony, a modern format of IP communication via the Internet. The use of virtual space for a telephone network with professional technical support allows you to actively use advanced technologies for:

fast transfer of important computer data to recipients

communication with its own branches and divisions

ensuring the confidentiality of business information.

simultaneously servicing and advising dozens of clients;

 Thanks to the IP telephony service, the company’s telephone numbers are available anywhere in the world where there is a connection to the global network. The result of this solution is unlimited opportunities to interact with customers and partners with zero risk of missing important calls and leaking valuable information.

Why you need modern IP telephony for business

 You shouldn’t give up on office IP telephony, considering it just another fashion trend to create the right impression. From the very first days of using the new technology, you will be able to appreciate it:

Reduced cost of calls regardless of the intensity of the network load

short terms of connection and configuration without the need to involve "expensive" specialists

no office tethering, which will allow staff to receive calls on mobile devices outside the workplace

unlimited possibilities for scaling communication, its use in a multi-channel mode due to the capabilities of intelligent cloud systems

the ability to record calls and their effectiveness using a CRM system, which allows you to take into account and control customer interaction

 High-quality IP telephony for the office from a reliable supplier will easily solve the problem of communication costs and make it a visual tool for assessing the company’s performance

Additional advantages of the new communication format for those who decided to connect IP telephony

Doubts about the need to switch to IP communication technologies are often associated with an underestimation of its functionality. Among the most important advantages are the following:

  • integration with any computer systems, software solutions, and applications for virtual PBXs;
  • the ability to conduct video and audio conferences with minimal costs for their organization;
  • an option to control the presence of employees at the workplace by recording received and missed calls;
  • assessing the effectiveness of various advertising tools by assigning them unique phone numbers;
  • the ability to purchase a permanent phone number that will remain unchanged when changing the office location;
  • consolidation of all divisions and branches into a single network for ease of management and control.

The decision to connect IP telephony will take the customer's company to a new level and make it more competitive in the fight for the attention and trust of potential customers.

IP telephony in Ukraine from IT-911: new generation communication for your business needs

 IT-911 (Kharkiv) invites senior and middle managers working to improve the efficiency of two-way communication with partners, customers and departments of their company to cooperate. The company offers clients a turnkey IP telephony connection and setup, taking into account business needs, planned workload, and software solutions used. A team of highly qualified specialists with practical experience is ready:

choose the best type of IP phone;

train employees to work in the new environment;

connect an IP phone to a computer network with simultaneous CRM setup;

take over the maintenance of the new connection;

design and implement solutions for scaling Internet telephony.

With professional support, you can easily switch your office to a new type of communication and use its capabilities to the fullest.

Current tariffs for IP telephony: a suitable format for businesses of all sizes

The low cost of calls via IP is due to its digital format and the capabilities of the cloud technologies used. Due to the affordable cost of IP telephony, the costs of its connection and maintenance are paid off in a short time, and the level of administrative costs is reduced, increasing the company’s profitability and the amount of profit received.

The cost of connecting and configuring IP telephony in IT-911 is calculated at the rate of X UAH per hour. You can clarify the prices for calls and ask other questions about the transition to a new communication format by calling the specified phones.

Each client signs an agreement with us that specifies the package of services selected, as well as the rights and obligations of the parties. An important condition is a detailed agreement on the main points, which will help to avoid misunderstandings in the course of future cooperation and settle disputes.

preliminary audit

During the audit:
- we determine the current state of telephony,
- we get acquainted with the tasks that need to be solved,
- we calculate the required time and cost of our services.

Enter your short details in the form

***Note: The offer is limited in the number of test periods


The price of services is calculated based on the actual time spent and amounts to 250 UAH/hour. You can clarify other interesting aspects of cooperation with a representative of the company.

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