IP telephony 3cx

Do you have a large company, a call center and want to optimize the work of managers who receive calls? Then IP telephony is the solution you’ve been looking for!

We carry out a full cycle of work from purchasing the necessary equipment to customizing telephony to your needs. By ordering implementation and setup from us, you will receive:

Fast processing of incoming calls

Uniform workload of managers handling calls

Obtaining a guarantee for the work performed

Security of internal information

Acceptable level of costs

Ensuring trouble-free operation of equipment

IP telephony is a technology that allows you to make and record calls via the Internet. This type of telephony saves money, especially if you need to make international calls and keep track of them

Setting up an IP PBX

3CX licensing

Implementation of office telephony at the enterprise

Automatic dialing systems for call centers

Setting up WEBRtc

Implementation and support of VoIP based on Asterisk

Support for existing PBXs
Migration from analog to VoIP

Advantages of own PBX and IP telephony

With large call volumes, it is more profitable to have your own PBX than to pay for each call separately. The cost of your own PBX is reduced to a one-time setup and hosting fees only

One-time setup

Significant savings

The optimal format is chosen by the client, taking into account the complexity of the equipment, the intensity of the load and the risk of a serious malfunction

Advantages of cooperation with IT-911

Constant communication, which will allow you to contact a specialist at the first sign of a malfunction

Continuous monitoring of network devices

Development of turnkey solutions for network design, construction and modernization

Responsibility for decisions made and the quality of services provided

Security of computer equipment and entrusted information

How to use the services offered

We accept requests from potential clients:

Each client signs an agreement with us that specifies the package of services selected, as well as the rights and obligations of the parties. An important condition is a detailed agreement on the main points, which will help to avoid misunderstandings in the course of future cooperation and settle disputes.

preliminary audit

During the audit:
- we determine the current state of telephony,
- we get acquainted with the tasks that need to be solved,
- we calculate the required time and cost of our services.

Enter your short details in the form

***Note: The offer is limited in the number of test periods


The price of services is calculated based on the actual time spent and amounts to 250 UAH/hour. You can clarify other interesting aspects of cooperation with a representative of the company.

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