Comprehensive turnkey outsourcing of the company's IT infrastructure


Your IT infrastructure is in the hands of professionals, while you focus on growing your business

You get the best solution that suits your business in all respects

Reducing the IT budget and reallocating costs

2 weeks of service

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What we outsource

Maintenance of the local network:

Server maintenance (AD, FileServer, Firewall, Mail, TS, VPN):

Information security:

Maintenance of workstations

Maintenance of mini-PBXs

Setting up, repairing and maintaining computers
Maintenance of computer networks
Subscription server maintenance

What are the service options

Admin, if necessary

The cost of service is calculated based on the working hours spent on the customer's tasks

Customer service

It is calculated based on the number of serviced vehicles of the client

Included in the tariff:

4 working hours per week in the client's office
Remote support via remote access programs at any working time

Replay of emergency situations.

Rent an admin

The customer receives a system administrator for a full working month The cost depends on the complexity of the work performed

preliminary audit

Take advantage of our experience and knowledge, order a free audit and get a detailed work plan, estimate, and test service.

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***Note: The offer is limited in the number of test periods

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