IP telephony for the office: what is it and what are its advantages

IP telephony for the office: what is it and what are its advantages

There are many differences between Internet telephony and traditional landline communications, but almost all of them are based on the fact that IP technologies are not limited to making and receiving phone calls. And while this is extremely important for any company that values its customers and tries to provide high-quality feedback, using the numerous advantages of working with Internet Protocol, it is possible to achieve benefits in almost all aspects of doing business.

Cheap calls

IP telephony is cheap, because after installing and configuring the necessary equipment, the office will start spending 90% less on calls! Such impressive savings are achieved through the right choice of tariff, where calls within the corporate network can be free, and calls to regions or abroad can be made at low rates thanks to special agreements with telephone networks. How important is it for employees and management of large retail chains, call centers, IT companies with telecommuters, transportation organizations and other businesses that need high-quality and inexpensive communication to be able to talk without time limits and stay in touch with their customers? The benefits of switching to IP telephony become noticeable in the first month of using such communication, and a wide range of tariffs allows you to find the price that will be the least expensive for the user company.

Minimum infrastructure

Equipment for IP telephony can be virtual, meaning that you don’t have to look for free space inside your office to accommodate powerful servers and spend money on large-scale work on laying telephone lines. All the capacity required for data processing will be located on a remote server that operates stably 24 hours a day and is capable of processing any information flow. Users will be able to use IP-telephony capabilities without having to worry about maintaining the system’s performance or the need to hire a system administrator. Virtual infrastructure maintenance is also included in the price of the tariff and an absolute guarantee of perfect performance of the corporate network under any load.

Virtual rooms

A good phone number is not only one of the indicators of a company’s prestige, but also a very convenient tool for simplifying communication between office employees. IP telephony users get access to numbers with any required area codes (city or country), can connect subscribers who are physically located anywhere in the world to the corporate network, and organize their own office network using short numbers. If the office moves, all numbers will remain the same, and the company can use the most beautiful ones available for advertising and increasing brand awareness.

Analytics and statistics

Why do businesses need IP telephony? The primary factor for many business owners is the ability to perform a comprehensive analysis of the calls they make and receive:

  • Assessment of employee performance. Who receives the most phone calls? What is the call conversion rate of each sales employee? How effective are cold and hot calls? What is the impact on the company’s profitability if there are more or fewer calls between corporate network subscribers? All these and many other questions will find their answers very quickly thanks to IP telephony.
  • Analysis of customer activity. What time do you receive the most calls? How useful was this or that advertisement? Did the number of calls increase after changing sales tactics? The collected statistics will allow you to conduct in-depth analysis and identify all the shortcomings in your current work.
  • Search for the best conversation scenarios. IP telephony allows you to record all phone conversations, so it’s easy to identify the most effective ways to attract customers. Effective scenarios can be developed for each subscriber group – callers from specific regions and countries, different age groups, etc.

The ability to forward calls will also provide food for thought. A multi-channel local area network will not only allow you to receive all incoming calls without exception, but will also show you which office specialists are the busiest and how to distribute incoming traffic more efficiently. If the office is actively using group calls involving several subscribers at the same time, it will immediately identify those aspects of collaboration that require more frequent joint meetings.


Modern IP telephony: what does it mean for a company with a small staff? Internet communication demonstrates its main advantages in conditions where a relatively large network of subscribers operates. But small businesses are also finding their own significant advantages, one of which is the fact that domestic calls are free and international calls are cheap. Moreover, this type of telephony can be easily and quickly scaled to any required size, so a small company will only have to add the necessary subscribers and switch to more favorable tariffs in a timely manner. At the same time, it will not have to look for a new provider, change phone numbers or install new equipment – virtual capacity will allow it to do everything by simply reconfiguring the local network in use.

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