Implementation of 1c

Implementation of 1c

The 1C software is the most advanced and modern system of automatic accounting of accounting, financial and production information, and the implementation of such a program at an enterprise is part of the so-called automation of the company’s work. This software is versatile and can be used in organizations of various fields of activity, but it is possible to achieve the necessary accounting capabilities and the required functionality from such a system only after special program customization.

The purchase of a software product called 1C means buying template software that is not capable of full operation and has limited and mostly “demo” functionality. Hence, simply installing the program on a computer will not mean that it is ready to work, so experts prefer to use the term 1C implementation, which covers all those numerous operations that will make the application process the available data and perform all the necessary work: analyze, collect statistics, make reports, and much more.

внедрение 1с

How is 1C implemented?

Correct operation of the system is possible only after an in-depth audit of all business processes of the enterprise and analysis of the peculiarities of the accounting used. At this stage, it becomes clear for what purposes the program is used and what functions it will be assigned. The final result of the study also takes into account the requirements for the automated accounting system from the customer. Often, they are adjusted to take into account the features and capabilities of the software, so the final list should be formed with the participation of both the client and the 1C customization specialist. After agreeing on the requirements, the stage of drawing up a program implementation plan comes.

It is necessary because it allows you to clearly define the timing of the launch of the final version of the system, schedule individual stages and their duration, and most importantly, make a list of actions that will have to be taken before the start of 1C implementation. This includes collecting and archiving existing data: accounting, financial, personnel, etc. The developed plan is coordinated with the customer, the final version of the terms of reference is approved, and only then are the specialists ready to start installing the 1C platform and its software refinement – customization.

Implementation of the system includes such important stages as:

  • Testing. The program installed and customized for a particular business must be subjected to a comprehensive test to debug its operation and identify errors. At this stage, we check the performance of all the functions provided for in the terms of reference, for example, how correctly the goods are uploaded from 1C to the company’s website, whether the accounting reports look correct, whether there are problems with integrating the software into the existing IT infrastructure, etc.
  • Staff training in 1C. This is an extremely important stage that allows employees to quickly get used to the changed conditions, understand the principles of operation of new software tools, see the capabilities of the accounting system in action and understand the nuances of its configuration. Regardless of how the system or its version was used in the company before, all office employees who will be working with the new software are trained, and they can always ask the specialists their new questions during the trial period of the program. The duration of the latter is selected individually – until the employees are fully familiar with the new software tools.
  • 1C support. Complex software with many customization options and a huge number of users who constantly work with data is not immune to some failures. Incorrectly entered data, accidental changes in customizable indicators, poor communication between the site and 1C due to unstable operation of local servers – each individual problem can have different causes, which makes it very important to promptly intervene to help restore the system to full functionality as soon as possible. 1C support is one of the additional services of software customization specialists, so after implementing the program at the enterprise, the customer always has the opportunity to provide it with professional technical support in the future.

Updating 1C

Program developers do not stand still and are constantly improving their system, expanding functionality and adapting software to changing standards. To keep up with the times and get the most advanced tools to control their business processes, customers need to update the system in a timely manner, thereby simplifying document flow, reducing the number of economically unjustified activities, improving the data exchange with the website established with the help of 1C, and much more. New features are a great way to make your company even more efficient and competitive, reduce costs, and outsource even more routine operations to the IT system.

Software customization specialists are ready to update 1C quickly and with the preservation of all information stored in the databases. New program configurations will require some adjustment of settings and consideration of new requirements, including current legislation, so updating becomes an important step that should be entrusted to experienced professionals.

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