Migration from 1c 7.7 to 1c 8

      After the release of new versions of 1C programs, accountants and responsible persons at various enterprises needed to transfer all electronic documentation and reporting from 1C 7.7 to 1C 8. Every manager wants this process to take a minimum of time, to be performed without any errors, and at the same time not to distract employees from their main work duties.

      But, as practice shows, to understand the intricacies of such a transition, you need to spend a lot of time and physical resources, and due to the lack of proper skills, staff members often make serious mistakes. That is why many managers decide to use the help of third-party specialists. IT-911 provides the service of transition from 1C 7.7 to 1C 8. We carry out the entire “migration” procedure on a turnkey basis, so the customer takes minimal part in this, simply advising our specialists on the emerging nuances.

Features of the transition from 1C 7 to 8


First, we remove the old version of the 1C program from the developer's technical support. To do this, specialists submit a registration form for the software product that needs to be upgraded. Your company's employees will be able to continue using the old program, but they will no longer receive updates.


At the next stage, our specialists update the current configuration of the program to the latest current version. This is a mandatory step, because data can be transferred ONLY to the current release of 1C.

Preparation of the database

To accomplish this task, we back up the existing database, close the current accounting period, and clean the database of any special items that should be deleted. We also check the accounting for any errors, and if found, we correct them immediately.

Transfer of reporting

There are three options for "migration" to 1C version 8, which involve transferring only reference books, with balances and turnovers, with documents for previous reporting periods. The third option is the most labor-intensive, so it can take a considerable amount of time. The transition period depends on the amount of documentation, the correctness of accounting and other nuances.

Staff training

After the migration, our specialists teach the company's employees how to work with the program of the new configuration, since the 7.7 and 8 platforms have different interfaces and functionality.

Putting into operation

After the employees of the customer's company start using the new program, IT-911 specialists carry out debugging, correct possible errors that may have occurred during data transfer

The cost of transferring reports

The cost of migrating from 1C 7.7 to 1C 8 largely depends on the following points:

the type of 1C products of the new configuration being implemented;

the need to integrate 1C 8 with an external system.

features of the current release of 1C 7.7;

reporting structure of the customer's enterprise;

 We can name the exact amount for the transfer service only after a thorough analysis of all the above factors. In general, our company IT-911 applies a loyal pricing policy, thanks to which we offer the most affordable prices for the services we provide.

Each client signs an agreement with us that specifies the package of services selected, as well as the rights and obligations of the parties. An important condition is a detailed agreement on the main points, which will help to avoid misunderstandings in the course of future cooperation and settle disputes.

preliminary audit

During the audit:
- determine the current state of the software,
- get acquainted with the tasks that need to be solved with the help of the program,
- calculate the required time and cost of our services.

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